Nu 2 U Car Sales is a member of both the Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association (OIADA) and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) since 2007.


Located in Parma Ohio, our lot is easily accessible from I-480. From I-480, exit at State Route 94 (State Road) and turn South towards State Route 17 (Brookpark Road). Make a right turn on Brookpark Road and we will be found on the South (left) side of the street at the corner of West 48th Street. Our driveway is off West 48th street and our address is 4815.

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Tired of buying used cars that needed serious repairs soon after buying?

At Nu 2 U Car Sales, we have a different approach to selling you a used vehicle.   We like to keep things simple for you.   At Nu 2 U Car Sales, all of our incoming vehicles are thoroughly checked over by our A.S.E. Certified Master Automobile Technician prior to sale.   Why?   The first reason is because we hear about problems people have with recent used vehicles purchases elsewhere all the time.   "I just bought this car and the head gasket went!"  ...   "I drove it a month and it needed a transmission!"   We try our absolute best to ensure that won't happen to you with one of our used vehicles by having it inspected by qualified people who know cars.

Not having a used car checked by an independent mechanic, Yahoo© states, is one of the most common mistakes people make when they buy a used car.   That is the main reason why our cars, minivans, sport utilities and trucks are inspected.   When you are looking to buy a previously owned vehicle, condition is absolutely everything.   Even the most reliable used vehicle can become a money pit if it was or becomes poorly maintained.   Before you buy a used vehicle, that car, minivan, SUV or truck should be inspected by a qualified mechanic.   Such a thorough diagnosis costs around $75.00 to $100.00.   A good mechanic can inspect and report to you if the car has been in a major accident, has a hidden problem or needs a large amount of costly work to be reliably operable.   This brings up another reason why we inspect each car:   Because many accidents are never reported to insurance companies each year.   CarFax© and the like may not have reports on every problem or accident because of this matter of fact.   Subsequently, these accidents are never pick up on by car report companies.   That is not to say a CarFax© report on a car is useless, that simply is not true.   A CarFax© report is valuable and worth the money spent, especially on higher-priced vehicles.   But an actual mechanical inspection is also needed in addition to reports as experts recommend.   At Nu 2 U, we have completed the needed mechanical inspection for you.   We also welcome a second opinion inspection by your mechanic, if you so desire.  

Our A.S.E. Certified Master Automobile Technician checks each vehicle Nu 2 U Car Sales gets in with a 150-Point Inspection.   Ask the small used car dealer you were last at if they have a certified technician check their cars.   At Nu 2 U Car Sales, our main source for cars is generally from private owners.   Our A.S.E. Certified Master Technician is sent out to check vehicles we are considering.   However we get trade-ins too and obviously the car is being traded-in for a reason.....   We also occasionally buy non-running vehicles from wholesalers or auction houses.   Our 150-point inspection will determine any lack of maintenance, safety issues, structural problems, running problems,internal engine problems and evaluates the transmission.   Only then can we determine the true value of the used car, minivan, sport utility or truck.   We feel that if you want a really decent car in today's used car market you need to spend $2500.00 or more.   Any of our vehicles priced $2500.00 and up are completely ready to drive.   Safety issues, major problems and running troubles are all repaired prior to Nu 2 U Car Sales offering the vehicles for sale.

Yes, Nu 2 U Car Sales has less expensive vehicles too.   The cars from the other half of the $2500.00 price line.   Not every used car evaluates to top-notch!   Inexpensive vehicles generally are older, higher mileage models, or may need body/paint work.   Sure we can replace a dented fender or hood, but we don't paint cars.   So rust you see is rust you get.  

Our A.S.E. Certified Master Automobile Technician evaluates the cheap cars too.   If a used car still checks good as having service-able life left, Our technician will make the vehicle operable and safe.   We have every car we get checked, unless bought as a parts car.   If the technician says a vehicle isn't worth the repairs it needs we part it out and scrap it.   Unsafe vehicles should not be on the road!

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Other costs involved in a vehicle purchase:

Title Documentation Fees:

   Nu 2 U Car Sales Title and Transfer Fees (known as doc fees) cost 10% of the retail price of the vehicle, with a minimum charge of $100.00 and a maximum charge of $250.00 for each vehicle purchased.   This fee includes vehicle documentation, inspection charges, title work, notary fees, title fees accessed by the State of Ohio (title fees were recently raised on July 1st 2009), transfer of ownership and filing of lien on financed vehicles.   This cost is not negotiable.  However, mention you found us on the web, and when you buy the vehicle, we will cut the fee in half for title and transfer fees!   That's right save at least $50.00 in fees by mentioning you found us on the web to buy your next car, minivan, SUV or truck!

Temporary Tags:

   State Of Ohio temporary tags valid for 30 days cost $18.50. This is charged by the State of Ohio who issues the temporary tag. This cost is not negotiable. Nu 2 U Car Sales can issue ONE temporary tag only for a vehicle purchased through us.

Sales Tax:

   State Of Ohio law requires sales tax be collected at time of title transfer in full. The tax rate will vary, as Ohio law requires us to charge sales tax at the rate of the residing county of Ohio buyers. This cost is not negotiable.

Maintenance & Repairs:

   Every vehicle needs fuel to run. Every vehicle needs regular maintenance. Every used car, minivan, SUV or truck eventually needs fixed again. That's why new cars cost so much, they don't break! Well, that's not always true, but it is supposed to be the general idea behind a new car, minivan, SUV or truck.

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